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Arjan Bos
Coordinator of the Work Stream on Data Modelling for Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD)
European Central Bank (ECB)

Arjan is currently working at the ECB as the coordinator of the Work Stream on Data Modelling for Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD). Seconded to the ECB from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), where he was responsible for the development of the AnaCredit logical data model (LDM).Before that he worked at commercial banks where he was responsible for the metadata management of the customer domain and the modelling of a completely new customer system. Even longer ago he worked on CRD III models and various data warehousing modelling projects. Overall, he has 25+ years of experience in data modelling in the financial sector.

Christian Schmieder
Head of Administration

Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Monetary and Economic Department

Christian Schmieder joined the Monetary and Economic Department in March 2020 after working on the implementation and effects of financial regulatory reforms in the secretariats of the Financial Stability Board and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision since 2012. Prior to that, he worked as an Economist at the International Monetary Fund, for the European Investment Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank and in the private sector. He holds a PhD in business administration and has published a range of studies on banking, financial stability issues and asset management.

Daniela Schackis
Deputy Director General
European Central Bank (ECB), Banking Supervision Governance and Operations

Daniela Schackis is Deputy Director General in Banking Supervision at the European Central Bank. The Directorate General SSM Governance & Operations (DG-SGO) ensures the efficient decision-making process of the Supervisory Board and its structures. The DG acts as gatekeeper for new players entering the market (banks, shareholders, board members), withdraws banking licenses and investigates alleged breaches of prudential regulations. The DG leads innovation, integration, simplification and knowledge management in Banking Supervision. Daniela joined the ECB in July 1998. Prior to the ECB, she worked at Eurostat. Daniela holds a master’s degree in economics from the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.

Daniel Pérez
Head of Data Analysis and Processes Unit

European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)

Since 2003, Daniel is member of the Spanish superior body of insurance supervisors, in charge of off-site and on-site financial and prudential inspections, international policy developments as well as creating new supervisory tools at the Spanish Insurance and Pensions Supervisory Authority (Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones).

Since EIOPA’s creation in 2011 he managed as senior policy expert the Financial Requirements Committee in charge of the technical advice to European co-legislators and drafting of technical standards and guidelines on the Pillar I of Solvency 2. I.e., the quantitative elements such as own funds, technical provisions, capital requirements substantiating most of the quantitative supervisory reporting of European insurers. In 2017, he moved to the Risks and Financial Stability Department to manage the firsts EU-wide insurance and pensions funds stress tests as well as becoming the principal expert of the Studies and Statistics Team.

Since 2020 is the Head of the Data Analysis and Processes Unit at the Supervisory Convergence Department and the EIOPA Chief Data Officer. Ad hoc and regular supervisory data collection and analysis occupies a central role at all these positions.

Florian Schuster
Team Lead

European Central Bank (ECB)

Florian has 15 years of experience in the area of regulatory reporting. As Principal at the Austrian Central Bank for data modelling and communication with the banking industry, he was one of the key players who pioneered the fundamental shift in Austria’s reporting landscape towards an integrated approach. Now Team Lead at the ECB, Florian continues to foster integration being a team lead on both the Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD) and the Integrated Reporting Framework (IReF) project. He is also strongly involved in activities among authorities with the aim of establishing a common data dictionary.”

Francis Gross
Senior Advisor
European Central Bank (ECB)

Francis work pursues one goal: effective measurement of the economic and financial system as technology keeps growing exponentially, a necessary condition for control and stability – name it “sustainable digitalisation”. He focuses on two interfaces: (1) globally integrated, fast, tightly coupled economic system vs. fragmented, slow regulatory system, (2) “real” world vs. data world, the core of digitalisation. His method: (1) identify constraints and specifications dictated by technology, (2) develop conceptual systemic design that can work and (3) propose migration paths and concrete, feasible measures with transformational power that deliver.

In 2006 he initiated the movement that led to the G20-backed Global LEI System, where he served on the Regulatory Oversight Committee. Before joining the ECB in 2001, Francis spent fifteen years in automotive, eight at Mercedes, working on globalisation. He holds an engineering degree from École Centrale, Paris, and an MBA from Henley Management College, UK.

John Turner
Chief Executive Officer
XBRL International

John is responsible for enhancing the standards and supporting adoption of XII globally. Throughout his career he has been focused on improving business reporting and analytics. He has been a leading member of the XBRL community since 2001 when it was founded. John holds a degree in IT and government and an LLB in Law from the University of Queensland, Australia.

Noa Granot Reich
Head of Data Management
Bank of Israel (BoI), Unit in the Banking Supervision Department

Noa is experienced Team Leader, Expert in Technology, Data and Banking. Experienced in leading complex projects with many stakeholders, including the BOI XBRL project, upgrading and leveraging supervisory data project and cooperation with “Digital Israel” to promote SupTech and innovation in the Banking Supervision. In her previous role, she was responsible for all software developments for the Banking Supervision Department.

Pamela Schuermans
Principal Expert on Insurance Policy

European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)

Pamela Schuermans is Principal Expert on Insurance Policy at the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), based in Frankfurt am Main. In her current role she is responsible for the integration of environmental, social and governance risks (ESG) into insurance and pension policy and regulation. This involves work on protection gaps and solutions to improve societal resilience to catastrophe risks, in particular the role of the insurance industry. In previous roles, she has led the Solvency II project and coordinated policy regarding Brexit. Before joining EIOPA, Pamela worked for the Belgian financial supervisory authority.

Radu Burghelea
Head of IT
European Banking Authority

Radu Burghela is Head of IT at the European Banking Authority in Paris.
As Head of IT he is responsible for delivering business critical IT projects and manage the company’s entire IT estate and infrastructure.

Rezo Beradze
Chief Specialist
National Bank of Georgia (NBG), Financial and Supervisory Technologies Development Department at NBG

Rezo Beradze is the chief specialist at the National Bank of Georgia. His expertise lies in the development of supervisory and financial technologies. Rezo plays an essential role in the introduction and implementation of XBRL as a replacement for spreadsheet-based reporting in banking supervision at the NBG.

Rezo holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the ISET and a Master of Science degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Sussex. Rezo’s passion for sharing knowledge extends to his active involvement in academia. He imparts his expertise in data-related subjects through teaching engagements at esteemed Georgian universities.

Stephanie Hingston
Delivery Lead for Digital Reporting
Bank of England
Stephanie has 10 years’ experience of working in data collection at the Bank of England. She leads the Digital Reporting team who take responsibility for the technical definition of regulatory and statistical data collections, typically collected in a XBRL or XML format. Her team is responsible for the publication of the Bank of England Banking, Insurance and Statistics Data Point Models and XBRL taxonomies.

Stephanie enjoys engaging with stakeholders, from across the Bank and industry, to ensure data collections are well defined with a focus on data quality. She truly embed a culture of continuous improvement and excited about the journey the Bank is on to transform data collection with a vision that ‘Regulators get the data they need to fulfill their mission, at the lowest possible cost to industry.’

Varlam Ebanoidze
Head of the Financial and Supervisory Technologies Development Department
National Bank of Georgia (NBG)

Varlam Ebanoidze brings an impressive 16-year track record of professional experience, specializing in risk management, internal audit, and digitalization within the banking sector. Prior to his role at the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), where Varlam focuses on implementing a countrywide FinTech Open Finance strategy and regulatory framework, he held senior positions as a risk manager and auditor at esteemed banks in Georgia and Ukraine. Additionally, he served on the management board of Liberty, a leading retail bank in Georgia. Varlam’s passion lies in the strategic transformation of risk management to align with the evolving paradigm of ‘Open Finance’.