Registration for Webex, physically off-site European Central Bank

Off-site attendance will not close. Please get here the links to Webex .

Free and unlimited attendance. No affiliation is required. All the keynote speeches and the sessions in the Auditorium will be broadcasted by the Webex plaform of the ECB. Attendees may ask questions using the chat to the speakers. The records will be uploaded to this website after the Conference. Off-site attendance will not close.

Please get here in advance the links for off-site attendance, Webex platform.

Registration for on-site persons, physically present at the ECB

Registration closed. Deadline June 8th, Thursday

Priority invitations policy (everybody is welcomed, but on-site seats are limited to 150):

  • 1.- Speakers and convened Working Group members
  • 2.- European Central Bank and Eurofiling Foundation are very glad to invite Regulators, Supervisors, Business Registers, Government and Financial Reporting Entities.
  • 3.- Companies, organizations and individuals interested in the topic are welcomed up to the available on-site 150 seats, by registration order, where limit of seats per entity may apply.

Waiting list, cancellations and no-show: A waiting list is open for registrations not included in the priority invitations (see above). The organisers will confirm waiting list registrations as soon as possible, after the priority invitations clearing. If your registration is confirmed, but you will not attend, you are kindly but STRONGLY requested for written cancellation as matter of consideration for our colleagues in waiting list. According to the Eurofiling minutes of 20 December 2012, a non-force-majeure no-show would blacklist you for next events.

Registration is for free but mandatory. No affiliation is required. Registration closes on Thursday June 8th. Emergency registration procedure is NOT available. When confirmed, you will receive a nominative message. Only confirmed registrations will be included in the access list for on-site ECB security clearance. Only ID cards and passports are accepted to access ECB premises: Driving licenses are not accepted

Registration disclaimer

Please note that the sessions and presentation of this online seminar will be recorded in compliance with Eurofiling’s data protection policy and made publicly available in this webpage. The Q&A sessions would also be included. Please read the disclaimer carefully before registering for the Eurofiling Conference if in agreement. The organisers and the participating institutions will assume no responsibility for any damages incurred by your attendance at this event, as attendance is at no cost, voluntary, and will in no way hold the aforementioned responsible for any claim arising from your attendance.

Please note that all the presentation files, and some records /photos of speakers and sessions, will be made publicly available in this website after the Conference, in compliance with Eurofiling’s data protection policy.

Intellectual Property: Call: Anyone in attendance is requested to inform organisers if they are personally aware of any claims under any patent applications or issued patents or other intellectual property that would be likely to be infringed by any Work Product which is the subject of this meeting. See full text (including XBRL Patent Call) at Eurofiling legal notice.